I had a business dinner a couple of weeks ago and it was held at City Best, which now has a new cook.

We sampled some of their new dishes, such as this one with prawns covered in oatmeal imported from Malaysia. The prawns were regular but the oatmeal was truly special. I’m not sure if it was the oatmeal itself or if it was the way that it was prepared and seasoned, but the texture was just perfect: it was kind of flaky and chewy—not crispy, and it was salty and sweet at the same time. The only downer was that the prawns still had shells and these shells are the ones covered in oatmeal, so when you remove the shell (of course you need to remove them, right?), majority of the oatmeal would come off as well.

We were also served a tofu dish with mushrooms and broccoli. The tofu pieces had green stuff in them (vegetables I assume), but they didn’t really add anything to the dish, just color. They tried to spice up the tofu but even with all the other ingredients present, they failed. It wasn’t anything astounding.

And then we also had some soup, which had mussels, tofu and mustasa, plus some sort of fried rice that had some mushrooms and meat in it.

But my favorite that night was this dish of thin green beans with sweet and spicy ground meat. It was pretty simple, like something your mom or your maid can whip up, but it was so good I didn’t want to touch the others anymore.

It was a Friday when we met there and the place was jampacked. The interesting part is that it’s as packed on weekdays, according to a regular. Looks like business is really doing great.

I can’t wait to have another business meeting over there—and try the other dishes, but I’ll definitely order that green beans dish again.