One of my most favorite songs would have to be Sugar Rush by A*Teens.

Not only is it an example of a pure pop masterpiece, it’s also Scandinavian! (I have Scandinavian past lives.)

I loved it when it first came out. I loved it even more when I saw the video (which featured the four teens having fun at the beach—complete with bonfire and marshmallows!). And then when I discovered that boygroup Dreamstreet originally sang it, it became even more special, because Jesse McCartney is part of the group and I love him to bits—I want to have a son like him, and I am impressed with his songwriting skills.

I love “Sugar Rush” because the lyrics are great and relatable: You make me so excited, and I don’t want to fight it, I start to blush, you are my sugar rush.

The melody is perfect too. It’s dreamy and sing-song-y, which goes good with the message of the song: teenage love.

And oh, how I miss my teenage years.

When you thought what happened in US TV shows and movies (and okay, even in local ones) could happen to you—the next day.

When you memorized every song on the radio and felt like the songwriter had you in mind when they were writing the song.

When you thought that the stranger in the bookstore was the One (and when you got ignored, how another stranger, this time at the foodcourt, was The One).

When you thought that heartbreak didn’t exist.

When seeing your crush with another meant the end of the world.

When friends would strangely become more attractive—not in a platonic way, of course.