Seriously, I think it was way back when I was still in grade school since I last heard a mangtataho shout “Taho!” Sure, I see taho vendors from time to time, like on my way to work, but they won’t really shout “Taho!” to my face.

So it was surreal when just some minutes ago, I faintly heard someone screaming “Taho!” while Honeybun was singing “Lost in Emotion” on Magic Sing while Sadako was crying for milk (or maybe for her mom to stop caterwauling). Once my sister heard Mr. Taho, she ran like crazy to call him.

After a couple of minutes, she was back with cups for everyone. Yummers! One sip/spoonful instantly took me back to my grade school Saturdays (which meant no school, and lots of cartoons), and that was even more delicious than the curds, the sago, and the arnibal combined.