This tank top is one of my favorites. It comes in a weird teal shade (but it looks good on Sadako) and has a cute robot print. Best of all, it's cheap. It's so cheap that I got 9 pieces, but in varied shades and robot prints, of course.

While I like dressing up Sadako in pretty, colorful clothes, I will never spend a lot on pretty, colorful--expensive--clothes because I would rather use the money on milk, diapers and other more important stuff.

Besides, apart from the fact that she already has a lot of clothes, both everyday and special outfits (gifts and hand-me-down's), I know that she'll quickly outgrow them. In fact, she's already outgrown a lot of her 0-6 months-size clothes, some of them she never got to wear.

See you at the department store!