I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fan—a big fan—of Glaiza de Castro.

Consider me proud to be one even.

And why shouldn’t I kneel in adoration when apart from being beautiful (Have you seen those large, round eyes, and perfect nose?), she is also extremely talented? She dances gracefully and she sings very well. In fact, I remember the first time she caught my attention: she was singing “Umbrella,” and she was singing it with so much passion and confidence (as if she was Rihanna) that instead of the usual pintas and laughter (alternately), I found myself all quiet, which only meant one thing—I was impressed. I knew then that she was someone to watch out for.

Soon after that, I saw her acting in a couple of TV shows, and it wasn’t hard to see that she had the acting chops as well, especially when it comes to kontrabida roles. The way she looks at the api-api, the way her eyebrow springs, the way she delivers her lines: they are all delivered in the bitchiest way possible. She is so good playing the bitch that it’s easy to assume she’s Queen Bitch in real life. I’m sure she’d get a slap (or at least some spicy words complete with duro-duro) from some old lady one of these days. That’s how convincing she is.

And that’s not the only reason why I believe she’s a good actress.

In the show “Diva,” which ended some months ago, she played Tiffany, the archenemy of Sampagita/Melody (played by Regine Velasquez)—undeniably a very good role for a newbie. And in all fairness, being around celebs like The Songbird, Gloria Diaz, and Caridad Sanches is no small feat.

Awhile ago, her new show “Grazilda” premiered, and I fortunately was able to catch the latter half of it (I thought I wouldn’t catch it because of traffic). It looked like a very nice first episode. There is no denying how the channel and the staff went all-out. The clothes are amazing. The shots are decent. The plot sounds promising. And I witnessed how she and the show were being promoted very well by the network.

I am not sure if I will be able to watch the show regularly, because of my work sched, but I have already talked with the people at home and made an agreement: when the show is on, all the TV sets should be tuned in. I don’t care if nobody’s watching. I want to help with the ratings!

Hopefully, the show will prove to be a hit, so Glaiza can get more assignments. A talented person like her truly deserves all the success she’s enjoying now—and more.

I can’t wait to meet her and have a photo taken with her so I can post it on Facebook.