Not a lot of people like the chocolate and coconut combination—but I do! Even when I was young, I already had a liking for it: I was the only one who’d eat or pick the ones with coconut from that huge golden box of chocolates. And whenever there’s pasalubong or a balikbayan box from the US, there’s only one thing I look forward to: chocolates—specifically Almond Joy bars.

Thanks to the Internet, I just discovered that Almond Joy has a “brother” product called Mounds, which is pretty much the same snack, but without an almond, and instead of milk chocolate, the coconut-based centre is covered in dark chocolate. Sound seriously yummy.

My frustration doesn’t end there. I also read that there are other interesting flavors like Piña Colada, Double Chocolate, White Chocolate Key Lime, Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit, and Toasted Coconut. Somebody wipe my drool off my chin!

Recently, Yayadoll gave us a bar of Bounty chocolate, which her girlfriend stole from her amo. I’ve never heard of Bounty before that but once I read that it has coconut, I knew I was going to enjoy it. It was definitely love at first bite. I even think that I like it more than Almond Joy now, just because it doesn’t have an almond, which means I can focus on the coconut.

And just like Almond Joy, it comes/came in different flavors. A mango variant was available for a while, and now there are dark chocolate, cherry, and mango flavors. OMG, I am drooling again.

My mom told me that my stepdad also likes Almond Joy, especially because of its texture, and when I heard that, I realized that that’s the exact reason why I like it so much as well. And it’s just so different from all the chocolate bars out there, I guess.

I have no idea where Almond Joy and Bounty bars are being sold in the Philippines, if they’re available here at all. I hope someone knows and can let me know. If not, I guess I have to wait for the next pasalubong/balikbayan box.