Yesterday, I was craving for Almond Joy so bad that I ended up making my own, since I couldn’t really find a store selling the treat here.

Of course, right after making a batch, I did some taste testing—and I ended up disappointed. It seemed like the chocolate I used wasn’t the right one. Disheartened, I left them in the ref.

The morning after, I totally forgot about them. In the afternoon, on my way back home, I received a message from my brother saying that my sister did something bad but since it’s her birthday, he told me not to get mad at her.

Apparently, when my brother dropped by, my sister showed him the almost-Almond Joys, and he popped one inside his mouth. He liked it, and so he popped in some more, and more—until my sister got afraid (after all, she told him about it), so she stopped him.

I wasn’t mad. I couldn’t care less, actually, since I didn’t really like them.

When I got home, I passed by the ref and remembered the almost-AJ’s. Hungry, I ate one—and loved it. I swear, it was like Almond Joy, but only round, cold, smaller, and with dark chocolate.

My brother wasn’t just being a brother. It’s really good! Now I can’t wait to make several more batches, and even do some experimenting!

I’m still waiting for my US-based relatives to send me the real Almond Joys but in the meantime, the almost-AJ’s I made would have to do.