A couple of weeks ago, my sister brought home three large bags of chocolate chips. They gathered dust for a while and last night, we finally got to use them. Bored, my sister and I decided to make some fondue.

My know-it-all sister, however, thought that it was as simple as microwaving the chips, which, of course, resulted to a deliciously burnt smell filling the whole kitchen.

Time for take two, when my know-it-all dad entered the scene. He opted to use the rice cooker’s steamer function, which worked, actually, but after 20 minutes or so.

While he was waiting for the chips to melt, I stepped in and showed them how it’s done, which is pretty simply, actually. I just melted the cream, and then folded it into the chips. In no more than three minutes, we were already dipping dried mangoes, potato chips, and wafer sticks.

When my dad’s fondue was finally done, he had to shove the bowl to our faces so we can try it, adding that it’s better than what we did LOLers.

Before long, we were sick and tired of chocolate so we stored the rest of the fondue inside the ref, and the bags of chocolate chips on the shelves so they can gather some more dust.