It’s amazing how Sadako is, as lola Tyra would say, a chameleon, meaning she can change her looks. Of course, my little girl doesn’t do this on purpose, but she just does look different from her usual self sometimes. There are days when she’s sooo adorable and fair and cute I want to hug her till she bursts; and there are those days when she looks a little fug. (LOLers, sweetiepie, but the truth hurts, and you know that you’re the most beautifulest baby I know!) There are times when I doubt I am her dad, or that Honeybun is her mom (or worse, that we are her parents!).

I can even pick out 5 photos of hers, and you’d think they’re photos of 5 different babies.

Here’s one of my favorite looks of hers, where she can pass as a Blasian.

Loving the hair, cutiepie! Looking Alicia Keys-y, my Sadako! Oh, and cover up; you might get a cold.