Thanks to Dee-jay for introducing me to the new blueberry ice cream flavor of Oreo. I love everything blueberry—from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s blueberry cheesecake to 7 Eleven’s blueberry tea latte—and this one is no exception.

When I opened the pack, the scent alone excited me, and when I took my first bite, well, it was love at first bite. What I love most about it is that it seems mentholated, which other people might not like. It’s pretty weird, actually, but I guess that’s the only way they can make it seem ice creamy. Now that I think about it, it tastes more like blueberry-mint than blueberry ice cream.

Whateverest. I love love!

And oh, forgive me for the blurry photo. I was too excited to eat instead of adjusting settings.