Last Saturday, I did something bad: I didn’t finish Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. Well, they had boring, famous guests so I didn’t bother continuing to watch it.

So I cooked myself a bowl of Laksa Singapure flavor noodles from, well, Singapore. I’ve never tasted it before so I didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately, it turned out delish. It tasted like Tom Yum, actually. Good thing I still have a bunch of packs.

The bad thing is that the morning after (after having a feel-good salad for breakfast), a friend told me that Master Showman turned out to be really entertaining. They had all these unknown, fabulous guests—right after I turned the TV set off. Argh.

Awhile ago, I had a cup of my new favorite food: shawarma rice from the food court. I am so addicted to it I want to buy a franchise just so I can have it every meal.

For dessert, I had cups of ice cream from this gelato shop called Caramia. They had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo so my sister and I made sure we tasted many flavors, such as New York Cheesecake (my favorite so far), Sans rival, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Espresso.

I am now at home and sheets of pork jerky are staring at me, and a huge bottle of dalandan soda is in the freezer. I think I better excuse myself now and go watch a DVD.

With some food, of course.