I was suffering from a very sore throat and a runny nose (Nancy Navalta level) since Thursday. I even had to skip work last Friday. Thankfully, I feel better now, but just a little. The fever and the body ache are gone, but my throat is still annoying and I still sniff every 10 seconds or so.

I know they’re bad for me, but I treated myself to bags of junk food that I will consume tonight while watching DVDs.

Honeybun and I watched a horror flick last night. It’s called From Within, starring a bunch of nobodies, the biggest of which is Rumer Willis, whose Leno chin seems to be occupying 1/3 of her face. For some strange reason though, I like her. But I like her younger sister Talullah even more.

The film is about a little town (a God-obsessed one) where a series of suicides happens. This so-called curse is blamed on a non-believer, who was the first one to take his own life, and is the son of an alleged witch who was burned alive by the town.

His brother, Mr. Emo with bangs and guyliner, then becomes the target of pastor’s son, whose girlfriend ironically takes his side. Eventually, she sees her doppelganger—a sure sign that she’s going to take her own life soon, but Mr. Emo with bangs and guyliner looks like he’s gonna save the day.

My favorite part of the movie is when twins Michelle and Amanda from ANTM surfaced. They look so pretty, and what a nice role for a debut!

Next thing I knew, the movie was done. And I liked it! it’d make a great date movie. Expected, but fun. And the girls are really pretty (and unknown LOLers).

I wonder what we’re watching tonight.

Apart from Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, of course.