No aircon in my spot at the office + cray-cray weather + WORK = sick. I even had to be absent from work the other day, which broke my heart because I love going to work—I love what I do, and I love going to the office (to see my crush, of course).

Yesterday morning, despite still having a fever, I dragged my ass to work—to a hotel, to be specific, where we had a shoot with a young actress. It didn’t take long before I felt even sicker. Apart from the aircon being on full blast, we also encountered some glitches: we started late, there was miscommunication with the TV crew, the clothes took forever to arrive, and we didn’t finish on time. I was so stressed that my fever got higher and I started to already shake.

But everything ended well (I was satisfied with the shots, the free food was superb, and we still had time to go back to the office and do more work!), so all is well. In fact, after doing overtime work, I definitely got well.