I attended a business dinner last night and it was held at a restaurant called Bagoong Club. I’d never heard of the place before but I was sure curious and excited. Like a lot of Pinoys, I am a huge fan of bagoong (especially with with green mangoes), and dishes with it such as kare-kare and binagoongang baboy. I was definitely looking forward to eating those over at the restaurant.

When we finally got there, we were served an appetizer—singkamas sticks with two kinds of bagoong: a salty, spicy one, and a sweet-spicy one, which was better.

Although the restaurant did have my favorite bagoong dishes on their menu, I didn’t end up eating any of them since I let the others choose what to eat. Good thing they ordered pretty well. I forgot to get what they’re actually called but we feasted on plates of crispy shrimps with kamote fries, squid bopis, chicken with a sweet sauce, laing, pinakbet with liempo barbecue and bulalo with monggo. And the dessert, queso de bola cheesecake, was unique and scrumptious that I had to save half of my slice so I could enjoy it at home.

I enjoyed my first time at Bagoong Club and as much as I want to get the same dishes the next time I am there, I’m definitely trying new stuff, especially the pastillas de leche cheesecake and the calamansi torte.

Bagoong Club is at 122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City. Operating hours are 11am to 3pm, and 6pm to 11pm.