Last week, I dropped by The White Hat for the first time and tried a regular cup of fro-yo topped with blueberry, homemade granola and cheesecake bits. It was pure heaven. I am a big fan of anything yogurt, but with fro-yo, I like it plain. I don’t really like having toppings because they kind of erase the yogurt taste. There’s just too much flavors. However, that combo was just perfect.

After that, I tried their green tea and this time, I skipped the toppings. It was the frozen kind inside a tub, bigger than usual and perfect for taking home. It’s cheaper too because it’s three servings but costs less. As expected, it was happyhappyjoyjoy in a tub. I wanted to roll my eyes in ecstasy with every bite, but I was in front of someone I just met, so I controlled myself.

I’m definitely going back. Alone, so I can roll my eyes with every bite.