Remember that chichirya called Bacon Strips? I used to devour packs and packs when I was in high school, partnering it with tetra packs of milk from Magnolia, which strangely complimented it (I guess it was the breakfast vibe).

I loved it so much that when it disappeared from the shelves, my taste buds were heartbroken.

Now looky-looky at what I foundy.

Marty’s, the brand that introduced that addicting vegetarian chicharon, is now back with bacon-flavored chips.

They set the bar high with their chicharon so I expected a lot from their bacon strips, which, I am happy to say, are good and quite similar to the old bacon strips from my high school days.

Can’t wait to go to the grocery later and hoard for the holiday this Friday (Pasig Day). I wish to finally finish the dragging SATC 2, just for the sake of finishing it, because I really don’t feel the need to continue it anymore. But maybe the bacon strips would help.