I discovered Akihiro Sato.

Back when I was still part of a talent agency (which was a couple of years ago), part of my job was to search for new talents. The agency originally had just two talents, and a bunch of others we were trying out, and so I really wanted to add more people. The more, the merrier, as they say, especially when it comes to cute people.

And so I asked around and went out to meet people and even searched online. One guy who caught my eye was Akihiro, who was already a popular model in Thailand then but a never-heard in the Philippines. It was manager-love at first sight. I instantly imagined his face on magazine pages and covers, TVCs, and billboards. And I heard the beautiful sound of my laughter as I sashay to the bank for a deposit.

Feeling so strongly about my discovery, I told my boss about him, showing her photos of the stunner, who was topless and just in skimpy undies in most of them. She shook her head. I was devastated. But I moved on.

Before long, I moved on with my career as well.

After a couple of months, I was surprised to find out one day that Akihiro was finally in the Philippines—for work, and that someone was already managing him. Understandably, I was bitter and jealous. Imagine how even more bitter and jealous I got when after just a while, Akihiro shot to stardom and finally got those magazine covers and pages, TVCs, and billboards I always knew he’d get.

That was a long time ago and the other day, I finally got to meet Akihiro at the Blue Water Day Spa launch. He was beautiful and nice, as expected. I didn’t tell him about my little story; maybe some other time. But I did take a photo of the two of us. Erm, two. Okay, okay—seven.