Christina Aguilera’s newest album will drop on June 08 and I am sooo excited. I feel like I have diarrhea and I am stuck in traffic.

The carrier single is the catchy “Not Myself Tonight,” which a lot of people think is the wrong choice since it does not represent the whole album, and that it sounds a little too weak for a carrier single. Even its video has been criticized for looking like some Madonna and Lady Gaga videos combined. I love NMT—and it’s not just because I am a hardcore Xtina fan. It’s catchy and I’m sure it’s such a great song to get crazy to in the dancefloor.

The “Bionic” album sampler has leaked and I am so relieved—and excited—because every track sounds promising. I can’t wait to hear the full versions.

Some favorites, basing on the snippets alone:

“Bionic” – I love the reggae flavor.

“Elastic Love” – such an M.I.A. creation, but Xtina definitely made it her own. I love the 80’s vibe.

“Desnudate” – it’s hypnotic. And I don’t even understand a word.

“Glam” – I really hope it’s the new “Vogue”

“Sex for Breakfast” – my kind of song. Wish she sang it with Robin Thicke though.

“Lift Me Up” – such a tearjerker.

“I Hate Boys” – reminds me of “Keeps Getting Better” but I am sure it’s a little more enjoyable in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way

“My Girls” – sounds like a fun anthem for the crew

“Monday Morning” – one of my top faves!!! Very Santo (or is that Santi).

“Bobblehead” – LOLers-inducing

“Stronger Than Ever” – I have a feeling this would be my favorite among all the ballads

June 8th, halika na!!!

Won't embed so visit this link to take a listen: