I had a very late lunch yesterday at French Baker and since the last time I was at one was almost a year ago, I was surprised when I saw how their menu has changed. I couldn’t see my favorites, such as their yummy lasagna and that Korean beef rice dish, but thankfully, I saw several great replacements. I was ready to order a plate of salad when my officemate Sophie kept on raving about how good their egg sandwich is, which, of course, she was getting. Intrigued, I got one for myself.

I have to admit I wasn’t bowled over (its side salad was better, I think) but I understood what Sophie meant when she said it was good. It’s good because it’s the type of food that brings you back to a particular time in your life. For Sophie and me, French Baker’s egg sandwich brought us back to our childhood—our grade school days to be exact, when our lola/mommy/yaya would prepare us packed snacks and lunch.

Naturally, we ended up enumerating even more stuff we miss from grade school, like chips and dips, Coleman, and those cool stackable Japanese lunchboxes.

Hayyy. The good old grade school days, when we took our baon for granted, and those unruly boys started to get attractive.