Consider me lucky when it comes to work. it’s not just because I happen to love what I do (and get paid for it), it’s also because what I do—which is make magazines—is really, really fun. Imagine, I get to attend all these events (press cons, movie premieres, product launches, etc.), take home freebies and win raffles, plus rub elbows and knees (and sometimes so much more!) with celebs.

But while I love my work so much that I don’t mind commuting all the way to Ortigas (I’m from the south!) every single day and working long hours, I just realized today, which is a holiday, just how fun, relaxing and truly heaven-sent not going to work is.

I started my day opening a bag of Keebler soft batch chocolate chip cookies and popping a couple inside my mouth, after which I noticed a jar of peanut butter (nothing but the best—SM Bonus! LOLers). Of course, I made sure I had some of it.

After doing some yoga poses, I had pinakbet for lunch. My dad prepared it and fortunately, he stuck with the old recipe. (My dad has a penchant for experimenting when it comes to dishes—he once whipped up a dish made up of spicy tuna, cabbage and pork and beans, which tasted decent although the combination does sound weird).

And then after digestion, I took a well-deserved, sigh-inducing shower that lasted forever.

Now I’m online organizing my portfolio, cleaning up my several inboxes, uploading photos, checking out some new music, and blogging. I can do this forever but Dexter, some desperate housewives and America’s next top models are impatiently waiting for me.

Oh, and Sadako too.

Good thing tomorrow’s a holiday too.