Look at what I found: a genuine Archie digest magazine, all the way from 1994, back when it was priced just P52.50. I have no idea how much one costs now, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least twice as much.

Flipping through the pages instantly sent me back to my childhood years when I considered Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the gang my friends. I have a lot of great, unforgettable Archie-related memories. For example, my best bud used to bike to my house so we can swap digests. And then when my lola had a sari-sari store, I had this bright idea of displaying all my digests and renting them out to our neighbors. My grandma approved, and it was a successful money-maker. The only drawback was that after a couple of months, most of my digests were either worn out or gone. That ended my collection.

Going back to the digest, it was a very quick read, but it was nevertheless fulfilling. It actually made me miss the gang (and my childhood) so much I think I want to start another collection. And keep them all to my self this time.