Guilty as charged. I’ve been neglecting this online baby of mine for quite a while now, but for a good, valid reason: I just had a baby. Yup, I’m now a dad—a dad who for the last two weeks has been lacking sleep, changing diapers, and overspending on baby clothes, food, and other items.

I’ve always wanted a baby of my own. I had a sort of adopted son a looong time ago and when he was claimed by his mom, it broke my heart and really made me want to have my own kid even more.

Despite this desire, I never really felt like I was ready for one—physically (I was super afraid of those infamous sleepless nights), emotionally (What if they loved their mother more?), and most importantly, financially (goodbye Starbucks venti green tea frap, hello expensive cans and cans of milk formula!). I quickly realized though that most people (if not all) are never really ready for parenthood—no matter how much they prepare for it—but once it’s there, there’s no other choice but to go for it, ready or not.

When I discovered I was going to have a baby, I was ecstatic. After five minutes, reality sank in and all I thought about was how expensive our lifestyle would be once the baby arrives. Now the baby is here—the sleepless nights and the endless expenses too—but I have to say I am still ecstatic about the whole thing. My little one—a baby girl we named Sadako—is my source of joy and inspiration. She makes me smile and sigh just by sleeping and looking all cutesy wootsie. She makes me want to work harder and earn bigger so I can give her an awesome life.

And so while my little monster is taking up a lot of my time—I do not really have a social life anymore (but thank god for Facebook flirtation, which should be enough for now)—I’ve decided to recommit to this blog and write even more. With this new addition in my life, I am sure I’ll have a lot of interesting stuff to blog about.