Last week, I found myself inside the moviehouse, watching an indie film which despite the promise of an interesting story, I knew would turn out to be neither excellent nor memorable. The only reason I was watching it was because it was for free. Oh, I had nothing better to do too, of course.

It was so unappealing to me that I didn’t mind being late for 30 minutes. But I still gave it a chance, of course. I paid attention and stopped myself from checking my phone every 5 minutes or so, even if I really wanted to. After around 20 minutes, the movie was done. I was so unmoved and unaffected that I never really thought about it again or remembered any particular scene. It got me thinking, however. If so-so (I’m trying to be nice here) films can get funded and shown in malls, I’m pretty sure there’d be someone willing to finance and show my own films, to think that I already know the perfect people who can help me. Thing is that I really need to work on my stories because they’re just all in my head, they’ve been just there for the longest time. I’ve imagined a lot of the scenes already. I’ve already come up with the titles. I’ve done casting. I even know the songs for the soundtrack already. I just need to sit down and write it. Then I can approach people for help.

I really need to manage my time better.