I added a friend on Facebook yesterday and when I checked his photos out, I saw Katsan, my godson, in one of them. Having spent his first years 5 years with me, we were naturally very close; I actually consider him my son—who was taken away from me after he turned 5 years old. He went to Japan and I didn’t see him for years. Thankfully, he and his family went back for vacation here a couple of times, and I made sure we would always see one another. Every time he was here though, I never really got to make the most out of his stay. For example, the first time he was here he stayed for a week, but I saw him for just a day. Same with the second time. I’m really hoping he’d visit again very soon and this time I’d really make sure we’d spend more time together.

By the way, Sadako hasn’t popped out yet. It was a false alarm. But I can’t wait for her. I will definitely introduce her to her kuya Katsan.