To promote the latest issue of S Magazine, we had an autograph-signing with the StarStruck Final Six guys and girls yesterday at Robinson’s Galleria, and it went awesome, considering how we didn’t have enough time to prepare for the event and promote it.

Sayang I wasn’t able to meet them during the shoot because they seem like a fun bunch. But they all seemed nice when I finally did meet them yesterday. They were all polite, and Diva and Rocco were extra nice to me, which was a good thing because they are my favorites.

The fans, as expected, were very supportive and a little crazy too. Some wore “I love Rocco” tees, others brought gifts, and then a lot screamed their heads off—reminding me of how I used to be exactly like them about 10 years ago. Except for the screaming part, okay?

After the very quick two hours, the bunch had to exit for another engagement. I’m sure I’m going to see more of them very soon.