Last week, I got to catch up with one of my favorite lesbians, Isa. We haven’t seen each for the longest time. The last time we were together, she was bald, overweight, and crying her tear ducts dry because of a break-up. Now, clearly having moved on, she is confident, she is happy being single, she has more hair (ala kate Gosselin pa ha), and she has lost a lot of weight.

She tagged along Budoy, a relative, who is fiercer than ever. It wasn’t so long ago when he was just a faguette who was doing snappy back bend poses. Now he’s attending fashion school, more opinionated than ever, and rocking his ‘do.

Isa’s family rocks. She has two sisters—both lesbians, and she has a cousin, I think, named Boo-boo. I remember her very well. When she was around three years old, she slept over at our place and while we thought she was asleep, she was watching pala “Sorority Sex Kittens” with us. Good thing we caught her after approximately 2 seconds of hardcore girl-to-girl action so we ended up covering her face with a huge throw pillow. After a minute, we removed the pillow, and her face—she had this frozen look, she was staring into space—I will forever remember. After 10 years, she is now a lesbian as well and I guess we’re a little responsible for that.