I’m moving to a new apartment a week from now so Honeybun and I have been searching and buying new stuff, from furniture to cleaning products, from appliances to décor.

We’re currently looking for the perfect couch and since we’ve already visited ATC and SM Southsmall—and didn’t like anything—we decided to look elsewhere—anywhere.

We ended up visiting RFC, which I haven’t visited for a long time and the moment I stepped inside, it was a total flashback to my childhood years. While they had new stuff, such as pirated DVDs, PSPs, and some furniture too, the whole vibe was just so 80’s. Apart from not having any major renovation, the décor and even some of the items were just plain old. I enjoyed staring at the penis ashtrays (available in different erm nationalities, of course), those Igorot-in-a-barrel wooden figures, creepy statues and figurines (like Bert and Ernie, with different-colored clothes, and a new skin tone), and those mannequins—oh those mannequins. My jaw dropped when I saw the window displays and the mannequins. They’re just so old-fashioned that I was expecting someone like Alma Moreno or Tetchie Agbayani to appear out of nowhere.

Going back to the couches, there were some, but nothing really caught our fancy. Well, a couple actually did, but not in a good way, such as those with OMG prints, and this blue set called Rufa Mae, believe it or not.

Oh well, maybe there’s an Ever or Manuela nearby.