The first time I heard about The Saturdays was last year—I got an assignment to interview them and since I didn’t know anything about them, except that one of the members is half-Pinay, I did my research: visiting their official site and the Wikipedia entry on them, and, of course, watching music videos of their singles via YouTube. I first checked out their debut single called “If This Is Love,” and I instantly loved it, not just because it shares the same sample used by Heidi Montag in “Body Language” but because it’s a gem of a pop song—danceable, relatable, and most importantly, addicting. After a few more listens, I decided to check out the other singles, from the feet tap-inducing “Up” to the fierce, ferosh, and fabulous “Work,” from their great cover of the Depeche Mode original “Just Can’t Get Enough” to the extremely mushy (in a good way, of course) “Issues.”

After listening to their music and watching their videos, it didn’t take long before I became a fan that I couldn’t wait to interview them. The girls themselves were undoubtedly eyecandies, and hopefully, they had great personalities as well, or at least would be great interviewees.

Interview day came and since I had limited time and I couldn’t interview everyone, I tagged along my sister to help me. I chose to interview Vanessa (because she’s half-Pinay), Mollie (because she looks like Sienna Miller, and I wanted to tell her that I love Jude Law), and Una (because she looks like an Olsen triplet). when we arrived at the venue, however, we found out that Frankie had to leave and fly back home for a family emergency, so I had to give my sister Una. Vanessa and Mollie were superb. Vanessa seemed a little tired but they were pleasers. I now regret giving Una to my sister because I think she’s my favorite Saturday; apart from looking like an Olsen, she’s also a redhead, she plays the guitar—and she knows how to squint and smize!

The girls have recently released their first single from the new album, “Wordshaker.” It’s called “Forever Is Over,” and it’s extremely catchy. It starts off smoky and sexy and dramatic, and then kabooms by the chorus. Their current single now is called “Ego,” and it has got to be my most favorite The Saturdays song. It’s just a winner and it proves how better they are than Girls Aloud (which I will never get) and the new Sugababes—combined. Sure, Frankie or Rochelle might sing off-key sometimes when performing live, or Mollie’s not the best singer (but she’s such a star, I swear), or Frankie’s not the most natural dancer (but there’s no denying she’s hot), but somehow, they just rock. Then again, I may be just very biased.

I so love The Saturdays that when I grow up I want to be a Saturday. And in this picture during the interview, it seems like I’m already one LOLers.