A couple of days before 2009 ended, Honeybun and I went to Harbour Square together with Ebo, Ivo, Danielle, Demon-ique and JB. The cool breeze over there was so refreshing and the sunset was expectedly amazing. The kids had a great time looking at the boats and the fish swimming in the murky water.

For dinner, we went to Dencio’s and stuffed ourselves silly with sisig, kare-kare, bangus belly, sizzling mushrooms, chopsuey (Demon-ique’s fave—she’s a promising vegetarian), chicken barbecue and ensaladang mangga (which I finished all by myself). Of course, we had some of my cookies and cream pastillyums for dessert ;)

There were also some stalls there that sold stuff and had games, giving the place some sort of carnival feel.

Ebo and Ivo bought JB this bubble juice gun, which he had a blast with. It’s amazing how all the kids in Harbour Square had the same thing, so the whole place was filled with bubbles.

I bought Demon-ique and Danielle these awesome finger laser beams, which they used in a fierce-off.

Exhausted and with Santa Claus bellies, we headed home and eventually realized that the trip wasn’t all that good. JB got some allergy from the wind (it disappeared once we got home), Danielle got a fever the next day, and I, well, I ate too much and gained a couple of pounds.