I attended the Assumption bazaar at the Intercon Hotel a couple of weeks ago and boy, did I have lots of fun.

For starters, I abused the free taste opportunities. I think I tested so much kropek dipped in various sauces, biscuit pieces dunked in an assortment of dips, cookies, brownies, chunks of food for the gods, butterscotch brownies and other pastries, and hams that by lunchtime, I wasn’t really that hungry yet. I even think I have mastered how to “taste test”—you know, how you make it seem like you’re really curious and interested and seriously considering buying, when you’re really not.

Of course, I also ended up purchasing some stuff, from these cool and affordable book of masks that young ones can color and then use to some boxes of tea (to give to others as a gift, and to enjoy myself), to this jar of yummy pesto sardines that I have been enjoying with Sky Flakes (which I seriously haven’t been eating for several years now).

I’m absolutely looking forward to my next bazaar experience.