Sunday, December 27, 2009


Honeybun’s mother, who I call doctora, recently got a pair of gay lovebirds as her new tenants for a small room in the house. The two’s previous room was reportedly shitty, so their new love nest—no matter how small—was definitely a mansion.

When they signed the contract, however, they didn’t know that the antichrist, who we will call Oche, also lived nearby.

One early morning, around 4AM, doctora went to the kitchen to heat some water, and since the lovers’ room was just nearby, she heard one of the guys groaning—having a nightmare. It’s just that after two seconds, the other guy seemed to be having a nightmare as well. After a minute, the two were still having a nightmare. Doctora chose not to time how long the nightmare took.

The next day, doctora told Honeybun the story, and Oche, who was just a seat away, heard the whole thing.

Her unsolicited advice: “Sabihin mo, bawal yun. Bawal yun dito.”