One of the many reasons why I love Christmas is because out of nowhere, all these cookies, brownies, bars and other pastries just show up everywhere. From bazaars to the office, everyone’s selling them. Even mall establishments have their own Christmas-themed desserts—Starbucks has their holiday drinks and pastries, for example.

I had dinner over at Kenny Rogers yesternight (their grilled tomato, pesto and cheese sandwich is the bestest, I’m swear) and I found out that they have holiday muffins: food for the gods, and fruitcake. Intrigued (and also because I love the real things), I bought one of each kind, and shared it with Honeybun.

Honeybun isn’t “a sweet tooth” (hi, Ara! LOLers), and the only sweet thing she likes is food for the gods, so she devoured the muffin version the moment I put the tray on our table. She was generous enough to leave a bite for me though, and I liked it. It tastes pretty much like the regular food for the gods, except that it’s not as moist, which is not really a bad thing.

Since Honeybun doesn’t like fruitcake, I had the whole fruitcake muffin for myself. Expectedly, I loved it. I even forced Honeybun to take a bite—and she did, and she didn’t really hate it, so that’s good (for the muffin).

Bottomline: I love love! I just had to take home a box. Each muffin costs P17 while a box of 6 is priced P90.