…and I liked it. The girl I’m talking about, after all, is Katy Perry.

I recently attended her press con and while it was great seeing her, it was also nice to see some old faces, like Edwin, Mark, Louise, Jad, and Marla. I also bumped heads with Andi, who I interviewed for a magazine a looong time ago. She didn’t instantly recognize me with my new hairstyle, but we were just staring at one another, and then eventually said hi to one another. I also saw Sib, who some people say looks like me (or sige na nga, I look like him). We were three feet from one another and when I looked at him, I didn’t feel like I was staring into the mirror. He looks like a totally fasyown, cool dude so I’ll say hi the next time.

Going back to Kitty Purry, she looked so serene and composed (and maybe lazy and low-energy) during the press con that it got me thinking: was it just jet lag, or was she sad about how all net proceeds of her concert will be going to the Philippine National Red Cross? LOLers. Perfect reason to watch the concert, don’t you think so? See you at the SM MOA concert grounds tonight at 8PM. American rock band MAE, Arnel and Neal or Journey, plus Jed Madela (Party at Jed’s room! as suggested by Sib) will also be performing.