Awhile ago, while my sister and I were busy focusing on our lovely Oreo cheesecake slice, this lollipop-sucking girl suddenly approached our table. She was bored; she was with her whole family but they were ignoring her—the mom kept on going somewhere, the aunt was reading, and the grandma was sleeping—so she came up to us and showed us her lollipop.

After getting to know one another (we found out she’s a 4-year old Korean named Shiny, who loves the color pink and can jump really, really high), we took out our digicams—and the moment Shiny saw them, her eyes sparkled and she instructed us to take pictures of her.

We also had great conversations.

When my sister asked Shiny if she knew Big Bang, she sang “Lollipop,” a hit song from the boyband. And then we asked her: “Do you know 2NE1?

“Yes,” she answered with so much confidence. “I can count one to 21.”

After more conversations and picture-taking, we sadly had to part ways. We weren’t that sad though. We knew we’d see each other again, somehow.

“Let’s have lunch,” Shiny said.

“But it’s already 9PM,” I said.

“Tomorrow,” she clarified.