I am such a huge fan of the mall, and Halloween, so whenever the occasion draws near, I make sure I spend extra time over at the mall to see the fantastic d├ęcors, the creepy stuff for sale, plus the salespeople forced to be in costume.

Last week, I dropped by a toy store and had fun looking at all the masks, from the cute and funny, to the really scary (and gruesome).

Since I love dolls and toy figures, I ended up meeting some really interesting ones too.

Like this unfortunate-looking one.

And this Xtina lookalike.

And this one with too much hair.

There were also these dolls that, for some reason, internalized going “to the left, to the left.”

Today being Halloween, I, of course, just had to be at the mall. The storm might have weakened already, but there was still some rain—and that surely didn’t stop kids and their parents from trick-or-treating at the mall. The parking was horrible, and the mall was littered with all these characters, from baby superheroes to pedophile-attracting little princesses.

Some of the stores had head-turning window displays. ACE Hardware even had a casket with a fake dead body for everyone to see.

To celebrate Halloween, Honeybun and I wanted to watch “Patient X,” but after realizing that everyone might end up in the same moviehouse, especially kids with the tendency to loudly ask a question every 10 seconds, we ended up seeing “Jennifer’s Body” with Apple, my sister, and Alma Aranaz.

It didn’t take long before I regretted my decision. Good thing I had a huge cup of Blizzard to make me feel good because the story was horrible, and there were lots of huh? moments and LOL scenes. Good thing I wasn’t expecting much. I ended up feeling like a high school student who cut classes to watch a movie with his crush. I really wish we watched that MJ movie. Oh well.