Last Friday I got my social life back when I met up with Apple, Alma Aranaz (who was channeling Amelle), and his Dutch friend, Harold, for dinner. We had a light but surprisingly filling dinner at John and Yoko, where we had sushi, rolls and pizza (okay, a huge banana split too), and then had drinks and a slice of cheesecake over at a Coffee Bean (the cheesecake wanted to commit suicide, by the way, since four people decided to share, and we ended up eating just half of it).

The funny thing about our meeting was how before, during and after our meals, we were talking about food! It was crazy.

The night ended early. Harold had an early flight, Alma Aranaz’s tummy was weighing him down (I think he finished the monstrous banana split, after all), and Apple and I felt like prudes—we just wanted to go home already because it was way past our bedtime.

On our way home, I told Apple it turned out to be a great night because of great company and a great restaurant that served great food. She told me all we needed was great company, actually—and I agree.

I had fun catching up with her, telling her my falling-out story with someone, and more importantly, my good news. I also “had fun” when she shared with me her own falling-out story (it always feels nice when people trust you with their stories and secrets), and also when she handed me a bar of dark chocolate with almond slivers and orange rind, of course. Yummers.

It's truly amazing how even if you don't regularly see some people, it always feels like you were just together yesterday.

I don’t like meat but I can’t wait for the Wagyu I’m going to have with Apple soon.