I’ve been on some sort of liquid diet for the past few weeks and I put a stop to it today. It’s my dad’s birthday and we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen AND Pepper Lunch. We had dessert at Coffee Bean too. As a result, I feel like I have a bowling ball for a tummy. I can’t look, smell or even hear about food or eating right now.

Our little night out was plain and simple—even kinda sad because my sister was out working, we left Kelso home alone, we missed “Adik Sa’yo” LOLERS, plus I need to wake up early tomorrow so we couldn’t really stay out late.

I’m back home now but I don’t feel any better. My tummy’s still a bowling ball. I can’t wait to sleep but I still have to digest for about an hour or so. And Kelso missed my bag more than me.

Oh well.

Tomorrow looks exciting though.