Today was awesome. After sleeping the whole day and then waking up to listen to “Issues” from The Saturdays again and again and again, I had a superb chicken sandwich with sour cream and cream cheese for dinner—and then spent some time with Katsan, my Japinoy godson who is in town for a vacation.

I actually didn’t know he was around so it was a pleasant surprise when I bumped into Sheena (Katsan’s cousin) awhile ago and was informed that he’s here together with the rest of his family.

I joined the whole brood for dinner. Actually, I just stared at Katsan devouring his chicken teriyaki bowl. I just looked intently like a stalker in love. After all, it’s been over a year since we were last together and I missed Katsan, who I raised until he was 5 years old, so much.

After dinner, we went to the amusement center—the same one we went to the last time we were together—and I watched him have fun riding the bump cars and the rollercoaster. He’d wave at me from his seat or from his bump car from time to time, and I’d feel so ecstatic every time.

Katsan doesn’t speak or understand Filipino or English anymore, so we just communicate through sign language—and words too, out of frustration, although I’m pretty sure that despite the nods, we really don’t understand one another. The thing is that we don’t really need to understand one another. Being together is more than enough.

Before saying goodbye to Katsan, I remembered I had a picture of the two of us in my wallet, so I showed it to him. It was amazing how for a couple of seconds, the past came rushing back to me—and to him—and we bonded in silence.

I can’t wait to be with him again, and make more beautiful memories. I am excited to show him our old pictures, and then take new pictures. Lots of pictures.