I hate going out on a Saturday because the traffic is unparalleled. However, I really, really had to go out today for some commitments so even if I didn’t want to leave my bed, which I’ve been missing for a while now, I forced my ass out of the house.

First, I had to attend a shoot, the venue of which was 2 hours away from where I live. It turned out to be lots of fun—I met cool people, the celeb was nice to look at, and I was able to take MGG-worthy pics of someone—but as much as I wanted to stay and finish the whole thing, I had to rush to my next thing—a pictorial and an interview with The Saturdays.

Too bad the group was incomplete. Frankie, the one who resembles Victoria Beckham, had to fly back to London for an emergency. Anyway, the interview and shoot went okay—everything went by pretty fast because I only had 15 minutes to interview and shoot each girl. I can’t wait to transcribe the interview and release the article. Oh, and see the pics too.

And then I attended an event at the Mall of Asia. The invite was pretty vague—I didn’t really know what was going to take place. All I knew was that it was a Jollibee event. Curious, I had some guesses: 1. Yum (preferably with cheese or TLC) would be given out to everyone; 2.) Sarah Geronimo (together with Jollibee, of course, and maybe Mark Bautista too—wait, he’s still alive?) would do a surprise number. Deep inside, I was also wishing Jollibee would come out of the closet, giving up his yellow and orange stripes for pink and purple ones, and changing his name to something like Jolliba, Jollibette or Jollibitch.

When I got there, I asked the PR people about it, but they didn’t want to answer me so to shut me up, they just fed me Haagen Dazs. Someone dumped a chocolate fondue dessert in front of me. It had fruits, pastries, and scoops of ice cream for dipping. Unfortunately, I had to share them with some people from MTV (Hi Louie), who thankfully turned out to be cool, so I eventually didn’t feel bad about sharing the grub.

The event, as it turned out, was this surprise group dance from a bunch of supposedly regular mallrats, moving and grooving to the tune of some pop hits. They multiplied and multiplied—I spotted a couple of erm older ladies participating—and even had a change in wardrobe. Pretty entertaining. Below’s a video I took. Forgive the crap quality. I didn’t adjust the settings coz I didn’t know I’d come across something record-worthy.

On my way to the parking lot (after getting lost for a good 15 minutes, thanks to being street-stupid and also because the mall, as everyone knows, is huuuge), I realized that today wasn’t bad. In fact, it was superb.

And then I had to spend the next 2 hours or so stuck in traffic.