I have a thing for Vernie Varga. She looks like a kick-ass girl who can kill any woman or make any man horny with a stare. Something about her is so vampirish too, and it’s not just the V’s in her name.

Yesterday, she sang Louie Heredia’s “Nag-Iisang Ikaw” on SOP. It was apparent that she was having a hard time reading the idiot board—she was squinting her eyes and was slowing down with some lines.

And then the chorus.

Instead of singing “Marahil ay ikaw na nga, sa aking puso ang ligaya,” she went: “Marahil ay ikaw na nga, sa aking P-U-K-E ang ligaya.”

Of all the words.

Of course, after 15 minutes or so, she had to apologize if ever she offended anyone.

No one was offended in our house. Everyone was dead because of laughing too much.

Photo source: Philippine Headline News Online