My cousin Danielle turned 7 recently and she had a birthday party at Jollibee. As expected, the kids had lotsa fun with the games, their lootbags, and the hotdog-filled, sweet spaghetti. The grown-ups had a blast too, thanks to games that revealed how many exes they have (among other things), plus seeing their kids having fun, of course.

I on the other hand was having such a horrible time. Honeybun was sick, so she had to stay home, and I had to attend the party alone. And then I had a headache, plus the aircon was full-blast. Good thing Jollibee was so entertaining he made me forget about my misery for some time. Not only was Jollibee flirting with my sister, he was also doing all these silly dance moves and blinking like crazy that I LOLered every 2 minutes or so.

Cousin Danielle was so sweet that the first present she opened was ours. Here she is playing with it, while Demonique is Next Top Model-ing in the background.