I always wanted to have a son—and give him a Mohawk, having sported one myself this lifetime. Thanks to the arrival of Maddox Jolie-Pitt, however, my plan changed. All of a sudden, every other boy had a Mohawk and I didn’t want my son to be just one of them, or worse, perceived by others to be a Maddox-wannabe.

And so for a while, I wanted to have a girl, just so I could give her a Mohawk since I never really heard of a lot of little girls with a Mohawk.

Until now.

Angel Iris, the daughter of Spice Girl Mel B., just flaunted her new ‘do recently and she looks amazing! I am jealous! Oh, and my future daughter is too.

I can already see her in her school uniform. And Mohawk. Can’t wait.

Photo credit: Splash News