More than ever I am looking forward to weekends nowadays. “Blame” it on work or maybe my poor time management, or how everyone seems to be extremely busy nowadays, but I just find myself out of touch with the rest of the world from Mondays to Fridays. I am focused on work during the day, not even having the time to blog or blog-surf (or maybe I’m focused more than ever yay), and after work, I usually have the energy for only dinner, tea, and flipping through magazines. I don’t even want to open the laptop at home.

I’m supposed to like Friday nights more now, because that would mean I could stay up late and maybe catch a movie or pop in a DVD, and not worry about waking up early the next day. But as it always turns out, I find going to the movie house such a task, or I always doze off even before I press eject. So Saturday nights are now a favorite. Having caught up on sleep earlier, I’m always ready for anything and I always make sure that something great happens since I rarely have the free time and energy for gimmicks. As night time approaches, however, the ancient me surfaces and instead of heading over somewhere new and exciting, I gravitate towards a coffee shop or “worse,” home, where I could go online, read magazines, or clean the closet. Truly lolers and maybe pathetic, but I have to admit that’s now my idea of a hip and happening Saturday night.

Sundays, of course, are reserved for the family, so it’s new restaurant for Honeybun, my dad and me, and sometimes my sister too when she’s feeling a little more social. Afternoons I spend with my grandmother and other relatives where we watch chismis shows and play with their new toys.

I feel like I am really getting old—and I’m happy about it. There are times when holding on to one’s youth and child-likeness is good, but there are also those times when embracing getting older can be great.