Honyebun, Anika, my dad and I had some Japanese food for lunch—we went to Fukuya, which Honeybun and I sorely missed, especially their Hirsoshima pancit thingy, which is still scrumptious, we thankfully found out. For dinner, we headed to another mall and revisited Pho ‘Hoa especially for their Kung Pao chicken. It was as good as the last one we had, while the service was sucky (just like during our previous visit). I think the restaurant doesn’t have enough waiters so they end up ignoring customers, forgetting requests, and being scatter-brained and not-so-cheerful.

I’d still go back for the Kung Pao chicken though. That’s how good it is. oh, it’s good for two people also, but you have to order an extra cup of rice. Their rice, by the way, is perfect according to Honeybun.