Because it makes me bawl like a bratty 5-year old every effing time I watch it. Sure, they always give away scholarships and a sari-sari store showcase, which is good for them and the advertisers, but boring for the viewers like me. Sure, they seem to have a formula of presenting their stories, which may not excite regular viewers anymore. But it’s just so addicting.

I’m such a crybaby, and it’s so easy to be one too when you watch the show. It’s amazing how people can cry because they’re happy, and how crying happy people can make you cry because you’re happy for them as well (confusing, I know, but whateverest).

I think I will make an extremely good host for the show because for starters, I will demand to be with the letter-senders throughout their journey. I won’t be just a host. And I swear I will cry—no, bawl—every time something dramatic happens. And I will not have a handkerchief. I will cry and cry and cry and hug everyone. And not give an f about the camera.

Now you have to excuse me. The show is still on and I still have to do some crying.

UPDATE: I am sniffing like crazy because of a story on a now-poor fan of Gary V. who can’t afford to watch his concerts anymore. I broke down and did a Maricel Soriano when they showed how her house got flooded, destroying her Gary V. memorabilia except one photo album. I swear when I finally become a super-famous, super-rich pop star, I will love all my fans, even the crazy stalkers, and give them houses and cars and money.