I’ve been growing my hair longer than usual. At first, it was just because I got caught up with work and some other stuff so I didn’t have time to visit my barber, who I am sure misses me and my tips, but after a while, I started digging it. I actually think I’m working my longer-than-usual ‘do. What’s even better is that it’s easy to maintain. Of course, my shampoo bottle gets lighter faster than usual, but now I don’t have to use gel or wax, both of which I am not a huge fan of, as much as I used to. Instead, what I am using now is this wonderful hair product from the Face Shop (it’s actually Honeybun’s but I ended up using it more than her)—it’s an anti-frizz hair spray which gives me this natural, fresh and low-maintenance look.

Lately, however, my long hair has been irking me. When I am at home, I hate how my bangs get in the way when I’m in front of the laptop, or how they prick my eyes.

And so I purchased a headband. I initially wanted just a simple, thin, black elastic headband, but after a whole day of looking for it and ending up empty-handed, I settled for a furry mouse ears-headband, which I enjoy wearing at home. In fact, I never take it off and would love to have it on even outside the house, if only it wasn’t that attention-grabbing.

I am actually thisclose to buying other headbands with animal ears.