I’ve always been interested in Polaroids ever since I was a little kid. And while I was never really exposed to it—I never tried taking pictures using a Polaroid cam, and I own a grand total of three Polaroid pics—the interest was always just there.

Of course, I wanted to own a Polaroid cam for the longest time, but I was constantly falling in love with my automatic camera that I didn’t have the chance to explore Polaroid cams. And then the digital kind arrived, making me forget Polaroid cams completely. And oh, the fact that the company has stopped producing Polaroid films has also been a causative factor in me falling out of love.

Lately, however, I’ve encountered some blogs on Polaroids and I find myself re-falling in love with every photo I see. There’s just something romantic and poetic about the quality of Polaroids, plus there’s always the instant gratification one gets after every Polaroid pic is spat out. What I also like is the way it makes you take your time and be careful with every shot you take since film is limited and can be expensive. Then again, that won’t be a problem if you can afford to just buy and buy lots of film. Not so good snapshots? You can always force yourself to love them, right?

One of the Polaroid photogs I recently came across is named Jeremy Kost, who chronicles parties using his trusted Polaroid cam. I can imagine the scene: blinding laser lights, gyrating sweaty bodies, a horde of photogs with their digital cams, and then Jeremy with his Polaroid cam, shaking his pics every minute or so.

He has taken the Polaroids of celebs such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham, but his site is composed of mainly gorgeous men in almost nothing but underwear (or stuffed toys) hiding their private parts. Basing on the photos, there is no doubt how Jeremy has the eye (for great angles and great men). He has photographed a lot of stunning males, all with droolworthy bods, and I think he loves his job. It shows in every photo.

After checking out his site, I am more than ever inspired to get my own Polaroid cam and pursue a photography hobby. I’m just thinking of a particular field or theme I want to focus on. One thing is for sure: I want to use a Dymo label for each photo, for that old school vibe.

Meanwhile, I’ll go look at Jeremy Kost again. Visit his site: http://jeremykost.com.