It’s amazing how a whole work week can just whizz by when you enjoy what you do. Despite all the fulfillment I got from being busy with work the past week, the weekend is always a totally different thing—I wanted it to be special and so I vowed for it to be just that. No quick trips to Tagaytay though, or even shopping; just a stack of DVDs, great company and lots of food. Come to think of it, I didn’t need anything else.

After sleeping the whole of Saturday (to make sure I’d be awake in time for Walang Tulugan with Master Showman), I popped in a DVD copy of the second season of Millennium, a series from the 90’s about the investigations of serial murder cases by an ex-FBI officer named Frank Black, who is also part of an organization called the Millennium Group.

Several interesting topics were tackled every episode, like child murderers, prophets, angelic appearances, and the end of the world, of course. I was able to finish the whole season, which was composed of around 23 episodes, and I definitely have my favorites. There’s this one about a lesbian couple in prison who believed they were pregnant with God’s child. What they didn’t know was that one of them was raped by one of the security guards. And then there’s this episode about a woman named Lucy Butler, who abducted regular teenagers and tried to force them to accept and embrace their mediocrity.

There are also some memorable scenes from other episodes, such as a group of demons having coffee and chitchat at a coffee shop—the server totally unaware of the beings he was serving piss-coffee to, or a whole family instantly dying of some bird flu when they were served fried chicken for a Mother’s Day meal.

After the whole season, I still wasn’t tired of Frank Black’s sexy, monotone voice, abundance of wrinkles and receding hairline. I still couldn’t get enough of Jordan, Frank’s daughter, who was so adorable with her curly locks, missing teeth and nasal voice. I still loved Lara Means to bits. And I still couldn’t get over the fact how Frank’s wife straightened her hair, loved it so much and never let go of her hair straightener from then on.

At around 3AM, Honeybun, my sister and I were starving so we called Jollibee for food. Thankfully, they were already serving their breakfast meals so we didn’t think twice about getting pancakes, their heaven-sent pancake sandwich and the best hot choco in town (which amazingly reminds me of buko juice—don’t ask me why, I won’t be able to explain).

We decided to devour everything while watching something, and we ended up with a movie we’ve never heard of—Ken Park. Before long, we found out that Ken Park is not a park; it’s not a place, but a person. He opens the movie by skateboarding to a rink and then blowing his brains out. His friends are introduced: Shawn, who sleeps with his girlfriend’s mom; Tate, who hates his grandparents; Claude, who is into drugs and skateboarding, much to the dismay of his father and smoking/beer-drinking preggy mom; and Peaches (portrayed by a gorgeous Filipina named Tiffany Limos), who became the apple of her father’s eye ever since her lookalike mom died.

What I love about the movie is the shock factor. For crying out loud, there are real masturbation and fellatio/cunnilingus scenes, Tate kills both his grandparents, and there is a threesome there somewhere. It’s a gem.

Talking about gems, when we finally woke up the day after, we gorged on recent discoveries: Marty’s Cracklin’ vegetarian chicharon in salt & vinegar flavor, that is totally guilt-free since it has zero trans fat and zero cholesterol; Chic Choc, a poor man’s Whoppers (which is a poor man’s Maltesers), which is quite decent; and Ferrero Garden, composed of Ferrero chocolates in flavors like pistachio, hazelnut and coconut. Yummers!!!

Can’t wait for next weekend.