Nope, this is not a post on that great Barbra Streisand song that I used to lip-synch to in front of my huge dresser when I was in Grade 5. This one’s about one of my favorite magazines, Domino, which recently died.

I discovered the mag through the heaven-sent Book Sale a couple of years ago, and it was definitely love at first flip of the page. Actually, I was sold on the cover alone. I moaned with every turn of the page. I was so in love with Domino – the colors they used, the inspiring pics of the different kinds of rooms they featured, the lovely lay-out (which I think Real Living here was erm inspired by) – that I scoured through the hundred of magazines every time I was in Book Sale, just to check out if there was a new ish or one that I haven’t bought yet. I remember always feeling this huge wave of fulfillment every time I successfully found one I wanted to buy, and smiling every time the cashier put it in a plastic bag.

What I love most about Domino is how it opens my eyes to all these creatively designed rooms, giving me ideas on how to make my own room hopefully as beautiful. I truly can’t wait to get a new place and before moving in, spend lots of time flipping through my 18 issues of Domino (they have only 28) looking for inspiration. I remember coming across great ideas and rooms I want to duplicate, but I really have to go look for them again. Domino comes with cute stickers that you can use to bookmark pages with stuff you want to buy or ideas you want to execute, but the stickers are just too cute I never used them. Besides, I don’t want anything sticking out of the pages.

First it was Blueprint, and now it’s Domino. I’m one sad magazine junkie. Good thing (for me and Book Sale) that Real Simple is still alive and kicking.

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