Having slept for just around 5 hours last night, I naturally didn’t want to instantly jump off the bed when my mobile phone’s alarm clock vibrated like crazy and played this annoying instrumental tune (the more annoying the tune, the more it inspires you to get up and perhaps smash your phone to smithereens) this morning. I was so groggy that on my way to my laptop (which was just 3 feet away from me), I was like some intoxicated Hollywood bimbo failing that walk-the-straight-line test.

After the usual (and requisite) early morning chats, status changes, request confirmations (and rejections), and blog-hopping, I got a text message which made me end up in Quezon Avenue after a couple of hours. There I found myself putting footwear inside boxes, taking clothes off racks, and stuffing all sorts of things inside huge black trash bags and old brown boxes. Oh, I was able to meet this super-lovable dog as well, that ate the rest of my sinful double-patty cheeseburger with bacon strips (which someone else generously bought for me, so no judgment, okay?), and then obediently posted for pictures (out of gratitude, I assume).

Moving the truckload of stuff took us almost two hours, but it seemed like forever for me. I was, after all, inside an air conditioner-less truck, and was seated by the window (perfect spot for the merciless sun to shine its extremely dangerous and scorching rays on). The heat was so intense – it made my head throb and every pore of my body perspire like it was peeing – that I seriously thought I’d faint. One of the worst rides of my life, I think it’s safe to state. Fortunately, we had a stopover, and I had the chance to wipe sweat and pollution off my face, and rehydrate myself.

After a few more minutes, we got to our destination and automatically started to transfer cartloads and unpack. Unfortunately, my headache began to worsen (plus I started to stop feeling certain body parts) so I left a little earlier than expected. Anyway, I wasn’t much help, come to think of it. I was like Paris Hilton in a Habitat for Humanity house-building project.

At home, I instantly changed clothes and stuffed myself silly with a sandwich-fries-iced tea combo. In fairness, it helped a little. It was after I took a looong bath when I felt so much better, with all the dirt and sweat and stress down the drain.

That was several hours ago, and now I’m back to normal. Ready for just about anything: the stack of magazines I need to learn more about, stuff to edit, discs of TV shows impatiently waiting to be popped inside the player.

I think I’m going to be really busy the next few days. And I am ready.